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How to Make Money From Google AdSense?

Are you are looking for a part time job or making money from interne, then Google AdSense is a right way for you to make money online from internet. Because it is a leading and legitimate way to use it as a part time job through which we can earn money online from internet. Most of internet professionals have joined AdSense service for online earning because, it pays on time and have many other characteristics which is acceptable for them.

I offer a Google AdSense complete guide for a newbie. I hope this offer will be a unique opportunity for you to start earning online as a part time work. So, let’s skip the above intro and learn how people make money from Google AdSense.

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How to Make Money from Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free advertising program run by Google that allows the publisher / webmaster to earn money by displaying targeted Ads on their online content. A publisher may be the owner of a blog, website or YouTube channel. Basically advertisers want to promote their products for which they pay to Google with different price rates.

A publisher can place AdSense code on the blog or website. Google will show advertisement on the publisher’s blog, website or YouTube channel and will pay for either Per-Click or Per-Thousand Impressions.

Types of Ads offer From Google:

Google offers various types of types of Ads to the publishers. If, a reader clicks this type of Ad, then Google will pay you as Per-Click.

  • Text Ads:

These Ads type includes a title, a small description and a link to a website. It is available in different size.

  • Image Ads:

This is a graphical Ads offers by Google. A link attached to this Ad which is available in several formats.

  • Rich Media Ads:

These types of Ads contain animated images, e.g. flash images or videos.

  • Link Ads:

These types of Ads contain links which are attached to the external page.

  • Search Ads:

This type of Ad allows publishers to display ads and monetize search result on their site.

How to Make Money from Google AdSense?

Google AdSense provides facility to the blogger, website’s owner to make money from their online property (blog, website, YouTube Channel) by placing their AdSense code. Once you have an AdSense account you just create the Ads unite and place the code on your blog or website. AdSense will automatically display Ads on your blog or website. When a visitor clicks on those Ads, you will give a specific percentage of money earned from it. You can get more money if you have more visitor of your blog or website.

Similarly, if you have a YouTube channel which have been approved for Monetization, Ads will be displayed on video and you will earn from it either by Per-Click or Per-Thousand Impressions. The earning amount of the channel would be paid through Google AdSense.

Create Your Online Property to Make Money From Google AdSense.

Create the right type of blog, website or YouTube Channel containing great contents or videos to make money from Google AdSense. Focus on your contents to attract the visitors either new or visit back every day. You want to have a good balance in both types of visitors. Sites having text contents or videos of updates News about current affairs, technology and blogging will gain more traffic and may cause to get clicks to your Google AdSense Ads.

You can create your free online property by using free online platforms like, Blogger, WordPress and YouTube etc.

Create a Free Blog Using Blogger:

Blogger is a free blogging platform offers by Google to create a free blog.  You can create a free online blog in few minutes. It offers free templates and hosting.

Create a Blog Using a WordPress:

WordPress is the way of professional blogging and every professional blogger is created a blog on this platform. The small amount of money would be spent for domain name and hosting. It is a platform that I recommended it for professional blogging.

Before the creation of your blog you may think first about the following for your blog,

Create Your Own YouTube Channel:

YouTube is a big platform to make money from Google AdSense. You can create your own YouTube Channel and start publishing your unique videos. Now if your YouTube meets the policy requirements and guidelines, then you can enable the monetization feature of your Channel.  You can also embed YouTube videos to blog or website to increase monetization.

Before the creation of your blog you may think first about the following for your blog,

  • Niche:

It is basically a category in which you have deep knowledge and can create your articles. This is very important and you may think about this very seriously before blogging.

  • Blog Name:

This is a blog name which will be appearing as blog’s header. It should contain the main keyword of your blog.

  • Domain Name:

This is basically a blog URL. You must focus on this before starts blogging. It should also contain the main keyword of the blog. It is recommended to buy a domain name from a reputable company and connect it to your blogger.

  • Pages:

Some pages are also necessary that would be created at the time of creation of new blog, e.g. About-us, Contact-us, Privacy Policy page etc.

Your blog, website or YouTube Channel must fulfill the following criteria before the applying to make money from Google AdSense.

  • It contains original contents (text or videos).
  • It is well Search Engine Optimized to obtain a high number of traffic. This may also effect on your online earning. Blog having more visitors will earn more money.
  • It doesn’t go against the AdSense Program Policies, Terms & Conditions.

So, if you want to make money from Google AdSense from your blog or channel, then you may work hard and follow all the guidelines of the program.

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