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Importance / Uses of Computer in Various Fields

In this article I have described in detail the importance / uses of computer in various fields, e.g. education, healthcare, engineering, offices, banks, defense, art, entertainments, and online earning etc. The computer is a luminous invention of the science and now it is a part of our daily work. The importance / uses of computer are gradually increasing. Let’s discuss briefly that, how a computer is involved in our daily life?

The word & logic of computer is very old. If we go back about 50-years, there was no awareness about computer and more of us not known about computer and its role. But its importance and role in the word gradually increased, difficult tasks have been done by computer. So, it turns into an essential tool of our work.

Everyone has his own opinion about the computer. Somebody feels very happy when a complicated task is done by them in a short period very quickly and accurately. However, feel very bad when you are doing an urgent work and the system suddenly gets stuck or power failed.

Initially, the size of a computer was large as room size, but simultaneously its size became smaller as embedded computer.

Computer control other devices automatically like micro ovens, industrial Robots, children’s toys, digital cameras and other devices.

A modern computer is based on integrated Circuits technology and stores data and records. Therefore, it is distinguished from another calculating device like a calculator.

Infect computer is used in a wide range in every field. Let us discuss the importance / uses of computer and, how it can work better for us?


Importance Uses of Computer in Various Fields

Importance / Uses of Computer in Education:

No country can make progress without technical education. A computer plays a vital role in education. It is used in schools and colleges for teaching purposes. Students learn about the computer technology and get a qualified degree in computer technology. Teachers teach the student about the importance and uses of computer in a various field.

An Internet is a popular network and students can make their research (a person’s activity based on intellectual application in the study of the subject) in the selected subject. Students can utilize internet services to learn more about their subject and improve their vocabulary. They can get better information from the internet about the selected topic and subject. Each system can be improved by a computer, so computer may consider as an essential part of education.

Now there are online academies who teach online. You can register online in these academies as a teacher as well student. They also provide an online education degree to the students.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Art:

The uses of computer are flexible and are not limited to the field of science and technology. Art and gallery is also a part of education. Computer assists the people to write books, draw cartoons, compose songs, design graphical pictures and create special effects in movies.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Healthcare:

Each country is responsible to procure advanced healthcare to the people. Providing of good healthcare is not possible without using a computer. The importance / uses of computer in healthcare are necessary. The health department of each country is responsible to defend the people from the diseases. Therefore, updated reports are available online regarding hygienic, diseases, medicines and research. People can get help from these updated reports publishing time to time.

Keep a record of blood group of the persons along with their contact numbers is one of the most important of computer.

The internet plays a vital role in the health department. We can send and receive of patient reports in a short time.

Storing of data is very important in hospitality because, a computer is used to keep the staff, patients, medicines and budget record.

A doctor diagnoses various types of hazardous diseases, e.g. heart diseases, eye and sight defects, kidney stone etc. by the help of special types of software and computerized diagnostic tools such as ECG, Ultrasounds, MRI, and CT scan. Corrective solution and medicine arrange to the patients accordingly. Doctors use a computer to keep the patient’s record, e.g. symptom of the patients and their treatment record can help the doctor in research.

A gynecologist can trace the position and condition of the newborn child.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Office:

Office is a room or place where manage an organization or department works. Each and every organization or department uses a computer in their office to managing the work, e.g. type document, preparing of presentation, accounts matter, drawing maps, send mails and browsing. We take print of all mandatory letters and documents of the concern organization or department for keeping the official record. Earlier, this work was done by a type machine, but now this job is done by the computer with a printer instead of a typewriter. Computer makes easy our work in the office instead of typing machine. It saves our time because we can edit the files instead of retyping which have already been saved in our computer.

Now it is the time of information technology. Anyone, who wants to do job in office, he may familiar with a computer and its software. It allows us to quick response to the services. Therefore, we may use internet connection which plays a crucial role in this regard. Any office can move and share their essential documents through email immediately without loss of time. Any organization / company can launch their own website to release updates related to their department, organization, business.

It is very important to keep information of employees in a computer of the organization. Database software is used to make a complete database of the company. We can prepare any type of report of the concern organization or company by analyzing this data.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Banks:

Banks deals the customers for paying or depositing money. Computer plays vital roles in a bank because each bank is working under a database network. In banks, this database is stored on computer server. It is possible with the computer to avoid account from duplication and control the client’s record, e.g. depositing and withdrawal amount.

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is used in a bank to withdrawal amount any time. This all could be controlled by the computer. This machine helped the clients and avoided them from long queues.

Internet banking provides online facility to the clients to get full information about its account. A client can transfer amount to another account and pay their bills online. The customer can also check all transactions of their own account.

Bank cheques have special characters and numbers of magnetized ink reads by MICR and data send to the computer. MICR checks the validity and accuracy of the cheques.

CCT’s cameras are installed in the bank, which captures and stores potages of the bank circumstances. These cameras are controlled by the computer which helps security agencies to identify criminal persons.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Industry:

Industries are the main resource for the economy of the country. Enormous machinery is used in the industry. Machinery is run and controlled by the computer. It also sets objectives of monitoring and progress of the industry, e.g. business activities related productions, profit and loss etc.

All manufacturing process can also be monitored and controlled by a computer, e.g. computer shows and control temperature of a manufacturing process. Some industries use robots (a programmable machine which automatically handles hard tasks) where a human access is not possible.

A computer is also used for the administrative purpose of the industry.  Keeping of employee’s data, appointments, salaries, pensions etc. all are prepared by a computer.

Importance / Uses of Computer for Simulation Training:

The computer can be used to train people such as Pilots. A working model of an aeroplane cockpit is built with a large screen in front of it. On the screen, the computer shows a picture that a pilot sees from a real cockpit. Simulation techniques are used to teach everything of piloting, learn safety procedure in an oil company, bomb-making, temperature and pressure constraints in natural gas pipelining, etc.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Engineering:

The role and importance of computer are very significant in each field of engineering, e.g. computer engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

Auto CAD (automatic computer aided design) is the computer software which is used by the engineers, designers, and architectures for designing of vehicles, mapping of buildings, roads, bridges, and industries etc.

Engineers freelancing each point of the object. We can define a complete sample of the object with the help of 3D image by the help of Auto CAD.

By using this software you can better understand about the project, data consistency, and make the responsive edition.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Store (Markets):

Store is the place where different types of items are lying for selling or buying. All the data of the items are fed to the computer to show an economical status of the store.

All activities of the market are controlled by the computer that identified the current status of the market.

Now online business is growing day by day. There are online stores available on the internet. We can quote order for any product, and the company ships their products at the home address. Most of the companies are selling their digital products online, e.g. computer software, video tutorials, ebooks etc. these companies are now doing very successful business.

It is the time of social media where we give advertisement regarding our online and offline business products.

Market is an organization or place where different types of goods, items are lying to sale or buy it and the process is known as Marketing. Each product has own UPC (Universal Product Code) in the form of black and white strips. These barcodes are read by (BRC) Bar Code Reader device and data,  to the computer.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Law:

The uses of computer in law chamber are very important for keeping the record of the cases. Lawyers studies and take assistance from these cases which have been already decided.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Police & Traffic Department:

The uses of computer in the police department are to catch criminals. For this purpose computerized cameras and scanners are used to prevent from any criminal activity. All the information about the crime can be fed into the computer. Traffic lights are also controlled by the computer which is “ON”  “OFF” at the regular intervals. The traffic department has also a record of registered, non-registered and stolen vehicles.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Air System:

The Uses of Computer in the air system is very significant. It provides all information about flights and seats reservation. For example time of arrival and departure, seat information, cancellation of flight, atmospheric condition etc.

The computer is also used to control space flight, its communication and to keep a constant check on all the equipment. When a fault occurs, a computer is used to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. The computer is also playing a great role in launching of the satellite and controls all the system.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Defense:

Like others department computer also play a great role in army and defense system. All the new weapons and defense appliances are run and controlled by the computer. For example, atomics technology, missiles technology, tanks, radars, and airforce is totally computerized. a coordinates system is used to target correct position of the enemy, which is online possible by the computer.

Importance / Uses of Computer in Communication & Networking:

Communication is the process through which we can exchange information from one computer to another computer.

A computer is a good communicating and networking machine. All other communication devices like, telephone, mobile, television and radio are also controlled by the computer. Now all information is exchanged through a computer. A computer can work as a telephone and mobile and we can make and receive calls and messages through a computer.

The computer network is the group of computers and workstations connected together via cable or wireless. Computer with internet line connects us to a global network. Now it became a need for everyone. All information is exchanged through this network.

Importance / Uses of Computer at Home:

A computer plays a very significant role at our home. We can do every work by computer with the internet connection from home.

  • A student can make their research, reading books, viewing tutorials videos etc. Students can also prepare their own academic notes. Online dictionaries are also available and it is very useful to increase vocabulary.
  • We can run own online business from home, e.g. blogging, freelancing, digital marketing, and stores etc.
  • The computer is also a toy of entertainments and we can use a computer at home for playing games, drawing pictures, playing music, viewing movies and dramas etc.

Importance / Uses of Computer for Online Earning:

Online earning has now become a trend where computer takes place as a root tool. Most of businesses are now converting to online business. Computer Professional is earning hundreds & thousand dollars online from blogging, freelancing, create tutorials, writing ebooks etc.

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