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How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Easy? (Basic Requirements)

Google AdSense is a best choice for publishers to monetize his blog or website. This network works on a CPC (cost per click) base which pays high CTR (click through rate) for page views for publishers, which generates more revenue than other advertising networks. Every new blogger is trying to monetize his blog with this best ad network, but unfortunately they fail, because AdSense has introduced strict rules and policies for webmasters.

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So, if you think that how to get Google AdSense Approval easily, then you must follow all the AdSense rules and requirements. Many of webmasters are asking me a question that AdSense doesn’t approve our application, but my answer is that I have got my approval when I had applied for the first time. If, you are following all the rules of AdSense then your application will not decline.

If you are a good webmaster and you have a professional blog, then AdSense or Team will contact you for participation in his program.

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Easy
How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Easy

How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Easy?

I am sharing some basic rules and requirements; you must read it carefully before applying for a Google AdSense account. So, you must follow the below listed factors.

Create Your Own Site:

First of all you should create your own blog or site before applying for an AdSense account. This should be possible either using a blogger or a WordPress. You can use a WordPress for doing professional blogging. So, there are some rules of blogging identified by AdSense Team.  Every blogger must follow these to get Google AdSense approval.

Purchase Your Own Domain Name:

You must always use a root domain, e.g. ( instead of hosted domain, e.g. ( or because AdSense doesn’t give approval on a hosted domain. So purchase a domain name for your site from any reputable web hosting company, e.g. GoGaddy, BlueHost, HostGator etc.

Otherwise, you can apply for hosting AdSense account if you have a blogger hosted blog or YouTube Channel and must meet first with some requirements. As soon as your Blog or YouTube Channel fulfill all the requirement and ready for monetization then you can apply for hosted partner AdSense account.

Your Site Comply with AdSense Program Policies & Terms:

This is a key factor for your blog or site to get Google AdSense approval. You should completely comply with the Google AdSense Program Policy or Terms and Conditions. Always read this policy and terms even you have approved from AdSense, because it can update anytime. If you fail to comply AdSense policy, then you can’t be verified your account and / or may cause to disable your verified AdSense account at any time.  If your AdSense account is disabled, you can’t participate again in this program.

Your Blog have a Quality Contents:

Contents are the king for your blog. Quality contents are highly affected on your AdSense account. Follow this factor you can get Google AdSense approval in easy. You must check that your blog contents should not violate the content guideline identified by Google AdSense. Therefore, it should be original and may not contain a copyrighted and / or prohibited material.

Copyrighted are the material which is not created by you and copy from some other sites without their permission. Some people copy images from another site for his blog post. It also include in the copyrighted materials category. So, away from such practice and create own image for a blog post.

Prohibited contents are those contents which contain adult, unsafe, drugs, hacking and cracking, bribery, threatening, harassment, weapons and more same related materials.

Numbers of Blog’s Posts:

Your blog post is the main factor which directory affected on your AdSense account. As there is not fixed limit of blog’s posts, but if your blog have 20-30 posts in each category with quality contents, then it is very easy for you to get Google AdSense account approval, otherwise it is very hard for you. It should be original and you are the owner of these posts which has written in English Language. AdSense also focuses on quality posts not on quantity.

Your Blog is SEO Optimized:

Be sure that, your site may not blocked by Google search engine. To check this you just enter your site URL like, in Google search engine. It will show in a search query, if not, then your site blocked.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a site and for each post of a site is mandatory. Make sure that your blog would be indexed in Google search engine before applying for a Google AdSense account. Your blog would also be submitted in the Google analytical tool.

Using of better Meta title and Meta description is necessary for each post and page of your blog. Because AdSense is using crawler bots for each post and page of your blog for gathering appropriate information. You would also submit your blog sitemap to the Google before applying for an AdSense account.

Your Site Age:

In some locations, like India, China, Pakistan your site may live at least six months before applying for an AdSense account. In this age, you may give full concentration to your site to get Google AdSense approval. Your site may also update regularly in this age.

Your Age, Name & Email:

According to AdSense Terms & Conditions, your age must be 18 years otherwise your application won’t accept. You may also use your correct name, payee name and mailing address because AdSense will send your amount on that name and address. In some locations, it can’t change later for which you can’t verify your PIN address. So, your payment would be blocked.

Your Site Design & Layout:

It is very important to care about look & design of your blog. Your blog should provide user friendly interface and professional design to the visitors. Users can do comfortable movement on your blog in reaching to each post of your blog. So keep your blog simple and professional in looking & design either before applying for AdSense account or during use of the AdSense account on your blog.

Your Blog Contain Some Important Pages:

Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy is the statement of the information for your blog visitors, i.e. it shows the visitors activities on your blog. It is a common mistake done by webmasters which leads to the AdSense application disapproval. Therefore, your blog should have a privacy policy page. You can write a privacy policy for a site by itself or it can generates by the privacy policy generator.

Numbers of websites have the same privacy policy pages, therefore “noindex” attribute should submit for this page because; it is only for the visitors, not for the search engines. If you don’t add “noindex” attribute to your privacy policy page, it will create a duplicate content issue which penalize according to the Google AdSense program policy.

About me:

Before applying for AdSense account, you may show this page in your blog, if not, then you have about zero chance to get application approval of AdSense. This page shows a short description about yourself and your blog, i.e. this page shows a relationship between you and visitors and can tell them what type of services you are providing to the visitors through this site.


This page makes contact between the visitors and the site owner which could exchange information each other.  You can add a simple contact us form or contact email or any other like Facebook, Twitter etc to this page in your site.

AdSense gives preference to the site which shows this page.


You may want to add a disclaimer page to your website as it is the best way to address specific arguments of liabilities concern to your site. It may contain use of the Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy agreement, and what you disclaim on this site.

So, adding of the above pages to your site helps to get Google AdSense approval easily.

Remove all Other Networks Ads:

If you are using other networks ads in your blog then make sure to remove it before applying for the AdSense. Although AdSense Team allows the publishers to use other networks ads along with AdSense Ads. But it is better to not use other networks ads on your blog till you not received approval from AdSense.

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