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How Much Money I Can Earn From Google AdSense?

All bloggers wish to make money from their blog or website. As a publisher Google AdSense is the better choice for them, because every blogger knows that it is a legitimate way for online earning which pays on time. After establishing a successful blog, the question will also arise in our mind that, how much money can I earn from Google AdSense?

How Much Money I Can Earn From Google AdSense?

At early to AdSense I had also the same question. I had also seen posts and advertisements that “earn 50$ per click or 100$ per click from Google AdSense” and so many. But I have never made such type of amount from Google AdSense. But observed that some people earns 10$ or less, some 100$ or above while some 1000$ or above in one month from Google AdSense. Therefore, you can’t calculate an exact earning of AdSense for yourself. However, you can put some idea or calculation. Because, there are factors which are directly affected on your Google AdSense earnings.

I shall try to clear your mind about the question that, how much can I earn from AdSense? As my blogging experience, if you are working online for earning, Google AdSense in not enough to fulfill your earning desire as you expect. Therefore, you may also use some other platforms besides Google AdSense to make money online, e.g. Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Selling Your Own Services, Forex Trading etc.

How Much Money I Can Earn From Google AdSense

Every blogger must improve the following factors to increase their Google AdSense earning.

Factors Effecting on Google AdSense Earning:

  • Niche:

Before starting of blogging and want to get some income from it, then we want to select a best Niche for our blog. It increases our blog’s earning potential, e.g. health, insurance, trading and technology.

  • Website Traffic:

It is the main factor which directly effects on your AdSense earning. Blog having more traffic gives more earning. So, we can increase our blog traffic by writing unique posts.

  • CTR (Click Through Rate):

It is a formula to calculate your AdSense earning so you can only estimate your earning money.

CTR = Number of Ad clicks / Number of page impressions

CTR% = (Number of Ad clicks / Number of page impressions) * 100

  • Visitors Geographical Location:

You may try to focus the blog’s visitors having a high paying Geographical location, e.g. United State, United Kingdom, Australia etc.

  • Number of Ads Products:

Number of Ad products also depend on your AdSense earning. Blog having more number of Ad products will give more earning. More Ads product means using of text ads, image ads, link ads, search ads on the same page will give more earning instead of one ad product.

You may keep the same idea for YouTube Channel and focus on the above factors including video views. You can get more views by uploading unique videos to your channel.

So, if you want to earn more money from Google AdSense. In the beginning you may work hard to improve the above factors.

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