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Difference between Human Beings and Computers

I have explained the main difference between human beings and computers in the below table. Humans can think and decide while computers can’t do. Humans know about the reality and presence while a computer is not certainly. But there are very little common similarities between human brain and computer, e.g. both are utilizing storage capacity and providing information.



Difference between Human Beings and Computers

Difference between Human Beings and Computers:

Human Computer
Human beings created by Allah Computer has invented by man
Human is a living being having living characteristics like using of food and drinking of water with regular intervals and having emotions Computer is nonliving thing, it is an electronic device made by human and consumes electricity and emotionless
Human has a brain and can think creatively in a different angle. Computer has no brain and can’t think creatively. It works just what is fed through commands
A human makes decisions according to his thoughts. The computer can’t think, is a programmable machine doing work according to the given commands
The human brain works as analog with different processing speed Computer works as digital with high processing speed
A human can uses computer for doing any specific job The computer can’t use the human and can’t do any job by itself
The human brain is a greatly parallel machine Computer is a modular and serial machine
Brain has no software for execution Computer has software for any command execution
Probably human is working as single user Computer is multi-user machine. It can perform multiple tasks at the same time

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